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      Industrial Model


      Large terminal

      The base reaches the store directly, reduces the intermediate link, the powerful highly effective terminal network layout


      Chain-stores--Up to now,Greenery Fruits has more than 800 chain-stores, which areas are 50-500m2, .Registered members have exceeded 5000000 persons.

      In order to meetdiversified needs of different customers, Greenery Fruits subdivides theoperation formats of specialty stores and opens variety types of stores indifferent districts.Fresh,Healthy, selected’ is the core value of Greenery brand, which devotes to‘make more people enjoy the high quality fruits with their affordableprices.

      KA store

      KA store

      KA Supermarket-Since 2000, Greenery Fruit once had distributed and joint operated exclusively with large and medium-sized chain supermarkets inside and outside the Human province. With the company development, business once had expanded to Shenzhen, Sichuan, Shanzi, Hubei and so on, had cooperated with many reputed enterprises e.g. Hema Fresh, RT-mart, Wal-mart,Friendship store, Carrefour, Rainbow, Hyper-mart.After years of accumulation, Greenery is familiar with the KA supermarket operation mode and process, worked out a set of completed management experience for KA supermarket, and trained a professional management team.The Greenery’s display, hygiene, service, management, marketing in KA supermarket are the best in this industry.

      According to the analyzed system data of daily turnover, customer quantity, average consumption value, sales amount rise and down, velocity rate, nearby business districts conditions, Greenery Fruit customized a combined marketing strategy for each supermarket,coordinated with a series marketing activities for holidays, seasonal activity, new product launching,thematic marketing etc.designed excellent graphic visual design plan and external publicity, as a result, Greenery Fruit marketing was prominent in these supermarket.